Making Securus Technologies A Partner in Crime Prevention

Part of my job as a corrections officer is making sure that every person inside the prison is as safe as possible. This does not only mean the other officers that I work with, this means the visitors to the jail and all the inmates themselves. When you add into the mix things like drugs and weapons in the hands of the inmates, it creates a very dangerous situation for all involved. The way that we try to limit the flow of contraband has drastically changed over the years.


When Securus Technologies reached out to our facility about updating the inmate call system, we had no idea how much of an invaluable resource this was going to become in our efforts to stamp out contraband getting to the inmates. This company is run by CEO Rick Smith, who says his Dallas-based company and all of the one thousand employees are constantly working towards the one objective of making the world safe. We planned on putting this objective to the test on day one.


While the LBS software is hard at work scanning the calls for things like drugs, weapons, or other contraband, we can now focus our other officers on physically looking for these items. It is almost like we doubled our staff by using the call monitoring system, and it has already yielded huge results. We discovered how inmates are getting illegal items into the jail, where they are hiding it in the jail, and who is bringing these items to the jail.


At the rate we have been collecting this evidence, the inmates are going to run out of ways to try and game the system going forward, all thanks to Securus Technologies. In short order we have made the jail safer for all that are behind the walls.


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