Fighting for Reform Using Unity

Reforming a nation involves the renovation of the leadership. The leadership of a nation matters because the country moves in the direction of its leadership. The leadership of the country is essential in the development of the state. This is because leaders hold the power of the country. The nation becomes corrupt by default if the leaders are corrupt. Most nations do not have a mechanism that makes leaders accountable. The leaders get away with corruption and are not punished for lack of integrity. This leaves the citizens without any other option but to use their vote to elect the right leaders into power. End Citizen United is a national campaign that was developed to finance leaders who do not have a financial muscle for campaigns. This campaign empowers the servant leaders and gives them an opportunity to serve the citizens.


Political campaigns are expensive. This makes some servant leaders to shy away from the leadership positions. End Citizen United enables the development of the servant leaders. This is done by funding their campaigns and improving their brands in the political platform. Political campaigns are expensive because they involve advertisements in the media. Political advertisements are expensive because they promote the publicity of the political aspirant. End Citizen ensures that a servant leader who lacks the money to fund publicity is popular using different resources. They increase the publicity of the servant leader and enable them to have a platform for them to reach the public.


End Citizen United ensures that its sources of income are from grassroots donors. These donors are not allowed to follow up the political leaders in order to avoid corruption. The citizens are encouraged to fund the servant leaders as well. This encourages unity amongst citizens because they are able to elect the right leaders. This is a channel for people to improve their lives using the leadership. They are given an option to elect the leaders who can serve them. End Citizen United has gain popularity amongst voters because it has experienced good results over the years. These results have employed leaders who the citizens support despite the fact that they lack money. These leaders have served people, and it has stimulated more citizens to support the campaigns. This campaign has positively improved the leadership of different states. This enables people to appreciate servant leadership.


Citizens can achieve results if they can create solutions that promote servant leadership. The citizens will benefit because the leaders in power have their best interest at heart. The citizens in other nations should learn from End Citizen Campaigns. This will enable them to put servant leaders into power. Citizens will eventually enjoy the benefits of leaders who are in power to serve their communities.