Dick DeVos Loves Education and Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is a famed lady who has cared about political subjects of all varieties for a long while now. She’s been working on political concepts of all varieties since her years as a student. She went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She showed great promise as a political reformer while studying at the well-known liberal arts college. She certainly lived up to that early promise, too. DeVos is a philanthropist who tries hard to do everything she can to advance causes that mean a lot to her. She frequently does this with the assistance of Dick DeVos, her husband. Dick is a lot like Betsy in that philanthropic matters drive him on a daily basis. Betsy and Dick are particularly eager about topics that relate to education and children. They regularly promote the immense power of educational choice. They want students and their parents to be able to select the institutions that can drive their lives.


Dick DeVos was born back in the autumn of 1955. He’s a renowned businessman who has been employed with many companies that are familiar to people all throughout the United States. He’s been a big player with Amway, first of all. He at the moment is a big component of The Windquest Group’s successes and achievements as well.


There are many organizations, groups and companies that are close to Dick DeVos’ heart. He has an enthusiasm about the Orlando Magic and basketball in general. He cares deeply about the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Stow Company, the Heritage Foundation, Spectrum Health and the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. These things are only the beginning, too. DeVos puts a lot of time into the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. His beloved wife does so as well. They wake up every single morning with a powerful desire to give back to the planet that they adore.


The Windquest Group has a convenient location in the center of lively downtown Grand Rapids in Michigan. DeVos is the President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. He’s been its President since the beginning of the 2000s. He worked as the CEO of Amway Global before that. He earned that position with Amway Global in 1993. He worked for the Orlando Magic as well. He was the popular basketball team’s CEO and President for two full years beginning in 1991. He has four grandkids.


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