Desiree Perez Builds On The Success Of RocNation With Innovative Partnerships

There are few entertainment executives in the world who have had such a major effect on the entertainment company they work with as Desiree Perez has in the last decade or so. Perez played a pivotal role in the creation of RocNation by negotiating the $100 million deal between rapper Jay-Z and Live Nation to form RocNation in 2008 and took control of the day-to-day running of the group in 2009; since taking control of almost every aspect of the RocNation group she has assisted in the creation of one of the fastest-growing entertainment companies in the world with interests in music, TV, film, sports and Desiree Perez’s Photos.

It may seem shocking in the 21st-century that a single executive can have such a major impact on the development of a brand but the arrival of Desiree Perez did coincide with a distinct upturn in the fortunes of the label. Perez has been given credit for developing the international roster of the label which includes global stars such as Calvin Harris and Rihanna; Perez has taken a major interest in the development of the career of Rihanna after she felt the singer had stalled somewhat in her professional development. After becoming a close ally of Rihanna, Desiree Perez has been credited with assisting with every aspect of her recent makeover and career revival which has seen her focus on acting and business opportunities, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

It is important for Desiree Perez to project the image she wishes the entire RocNation family to embody including a confident and outgoing personality with a quiet confidence in her own abilities as a business leader. The no-nonsense attitude Desiree Perez takes to negotiating various deals is backed up by her similar attitude to taking advantage of the opportunities in business which arrive over the course of her career, and more information click here.

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