Desiree Perez Builds On The Success Of RocNation With Innovative Partnerships

There are few entertainment executives in the world who have had such a major effect on the entertainment company they work with as Desiree Perez has in the last decade or so. Perez played a pivotal role in the creation of RocNation by negotiating the $100 million deal between rapper Jay-Z and Live Nation to form RocNation in 2008 and took control of the day-to-day running of the group in 2009; since taking control of almost every aspect of the RocNation group she has assisted in the creation of one of the fastest-growing entertainment companies in the world with interests in music, TV, film, sports and Desiree Perez’s Photos.

It may seem shocking in the 21st-century that a single executive can have such a major impact on the development of a brand but the arrival of Desiree Perez did coincide with a distinct upturn in the fortunes of the label. Perez has been given credit for developing the international roster of the label which includes global stars such as Calvin Harris and Rihanna; Perez has taken a major interest in the development of the career of Rihanna after she felt the singer had stalled somewhat in her professional development. After becoming a close ally of Rihanna, Desiree Perez has been credited with assisting with every aspect of her recent makeover and career revival which has seen her focus on acting and business opportunities, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

It is important for Desiree Perez to project the image she wishes the entire RocNation family to embody including a confident and outgoing personality with a quiet confidence in her own abilities as a business leader. The no-nonsense attitude Desiree Perez takes to negotiating various deals is backed up by her similar attitude to taking advantage of the opportunities in business which arrive over the course of her career, and more information click here.

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Academy of Art University: Creating Futuristic Fashion

New York Fashion Week was impressed with numerous signs showcased by students from the Academy of Art University. A few candidates were selected to demonstrate unique designs about what fashion will look like in the future. The goal of the showcase was to envision the fabrics, emotions, and themes that may grace futuristic fashion trends. Not only were the results inspiring, but they featured close ethnic, cultural, and visionary ideas in the form of high fashion couture. Each student envisioned several pieces in order to depict their growing appreciation and understanding of the future. Each outfit was presented on the runway, and was reviewed by notable fashion legends and industry moguls attending the event. The students were challenged to include aspects of their own emotional history or lives into the outfits. The results were amazing, and included personal connections, and diverse fabrics to paint vivid imagery. The audience loved the outfits and each student received unique acclaim for their work on envisioning the future of fashion through a personalized lens.


Academy of Art University offers design and multimedia degrees for aspiring artists and designers. They provide high quality educational experiences including hands-on training, professional development, and a supportive community to help nurture students throughout their academic careers. The University also showcases the hard work of top performers at numerous internationally recognized events. With hand selected staff and a large student roster, the Academy of Art University has fostered an environment of excellence in practical and technical skills. Students gain a balanced perspective on the ever changing world of media and design, while gaining significant opportunities for growth and creative inspiration.


Working closely with faculty and leading industry designers are some of the benefits of studying fashion design at the Academy of Art University. Not only are there incredible advantages to working with the astute and world class artists that collaborate with the university, but students can also gain important exposure early on in their time with the university. The Academy of Art University is one of the largest design schools in the United States and offers prominent opportunities both during and after students complete their degree programs.

Desiree Perez Professional Achievements

Desiree works at Roc Nation as the Operating Officer, and she is also involved in the Tidal business. She has worked at Roc Nation for more than seven years where she has a played a significant role in the company. Perez did her undergraduate studies at Valencia Community College where she pursued Education in music and Theatre. Desiree also has a membership at influential Hova Circle, a group behind Roc Nation and Tidal business success. She is known for her zeal in making and sealing business deals, and this has made Roc Nation be the top notch. She is married to Juan Perez, manager at Roc Nation sports who has made her career successful by creating her viable connections in the industry.

Desiree has worked with different celebrities outside Roc Nation. She has been good friends with Jay Z for quite a long time. She has helped Jay Z to attain a new membership in Tidal which is taking his music career to another new level .Desiree also helped Jay Z secure a multi-million dollar contract. She has also worked with Beyonce and Rihanna where she assisted in designing Beyoncé performing Stadium and also made Rihanna seal a deal with Samsung which was successful and read full article.

Perez is also a successful entrepreneur where she has assisted artists to improve in their industry. She has much knowledge in the entertainment industry. Most artists survive by making contract deals, and Dez Perez has created this reality to most of them. She has also made Tidal business so profitable, which has made many people join the tidal industry. Her strong interpersonal skills and accounting abilities have made her a successful entrepreneur and learn more about Dez Perez.

Tidal business has been performing well under the management of Perez. She is working tirelessly to improve Tidal business status. There has been the significant improvement in the Tidal industry regarding service delivery which has seen its profit margin rise. She has been fishing business opportunities for Tidal business thus making it more popular to many people. Perez understands her clients well and provides them with the best and her Twitter.

Cassio Audi Helps Establish Heavy Metal in Brazil

The development of the heavy metal genre of music in Brazil came about in the early to mid-1980s when the oppressive regime of Brazil’s military dictatorship loosened its grip on the cultural and creative freedoms of its citizens. Heavy metal was already popular in the U.K. and areas of the U.S. when the genre arrived in Brazil and exploded among a youth community starved of creativity in the past; Cassio Audi was one of the young people who found themselves drawn to heavy metal and found the music of British heavy metal legends, Iron Maiden.

The development of his own drumming style came about as Cassio Audi embarked upon an early career as the drummer for the tireless cult band, Viper. Still, a teenager when he embarked upon his career with Viper, Cassio Audi joined a group of other teens by forming Viper in a lineup remaining unchanged from 1985 to 1989 as the creativity and development of Viper went through its most impressive period as the band created a sound heavily influenced by the British heavy metal bands of the early 1980s; Cassio Audi also developed his own drumming style which would be praised heavily by those who heard the demo recordings known as “The Killera Sword” and more information click here.

Viper and Cassio Audi continued to develop their sound in the middle of the 1980s when Viper earned their first recording contract and produced the 1987 album, “Soldiers of Sunrise“. Cassio Audi worked on the debut album of Viper and went on to tour with the band throughout the latter part of the 1980s when Viper was developing their musical future with an interest in classical music. In the buildup to the recording of their second album, “Theatre of Fate”, Cassio Audi decided his future was best served by exploring the academic options open to him and returned to Sao Paulo University and Cassio Audi on Facebook.

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