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Technically, you can say that unions can be classified as civil rights organizations. This is because of the fact that they advocate for dignifying work conditions. Having bad work conditions is a civil rights problem because nobody deserves it.

Employees are under a constant threat of being abused—being given too many hours, being forced into work instead of attaining education to become socially mobile, not being compensated for accidents and the troubles that they go through, low salaries, no benefits, being fired for things that they shouldn’t be fired for and a whole array of other negative things.

This is why unions have risen out of the ashes of laborers’ misery. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It has not been an easy fight, though. Union and labor history is fraught with violence, intimidation and war-like events that nobody ever talks about. As we go about our lives, not thinking about the history of American labor, we punch in and punch out of our jobs.

We are aware of the rules and stipulations that are behind the conditions of our workplaces. We know that laws have been laid down for safety and to prevent discrimination. However, not many of us know the details of the long, arduous history behind the laws that protect us as laborers.

Not many of us know about the men, women and children who died on both sides during conflicts between union members, authorities and employers. Nobody talks about the people who were shot at, blown to pieces and beat up. All of this happened just so that you can have those quiet rules at your workplace that protect people’s safety and well-being.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Created by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in the 2010s, this is not a labor organization. It is a civil rights organizations that is concerned with ethnic/racial/cultural/national identity.

Many of us forget how important organizations like this have also been throughout history. There are many laws currently in place that protect the rights of people with all identities—thanks to organizations like the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

In the past, racial minorities have suffered from injustices such as housing discrimination, employer discrimination and discrimination by public school staffs. Organizations like the Frontera Fund have done their best to strike down these horrific societal ills.

Now, minorities can live wherever they want, attain social mobility, make a living, go up in their careers and have a better shot at attaining college educations.

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Bob Reina: The Talk Fusion Founder And WebRTC Technology Promoter

Bob Reina wasn’t an MIT or Stanford graduate, but he’s the leader of a company that’s revolutionizing how internet video streaming works. This company is Talk Fusion, a company that uses WebRTC technology to either send recorded videos through emails, or to engage in live face-to-face chat or host live meetings over its servers. Learn more about Bob Reina: and

Reina has simplified how the service is used by not requiring any elaborate setups or even excess software to download. And the quality of the Talk Fusion Live Meetings software is very high and doesn’t have any sound or blurry video problems even if you don’t have the highest bandwidth.

Because their products have been made fairly easy to use, they’ve won the Technology Marketing Corporation’s Product of the Year award several times.

Bob Reina began Talk Fusion in 2007, but he had really come up with the idea three years before after several other multilevel marketing ventures didn’t pan out how he had planned.

Reina is a former sheriff’s deputy who had retired from that career when he realized he wasn’t satisfied with the way it was working. He had taken an interest in multilevel marketing because while it didn’t have a guaranteed paycheck, the opportunities presented by it seemed endless.

When the other multilevel marketing businesses he had tried out didn’t last, Reina decided it was time to build his own. He chose video marketing because he realized there was no software at the time that could make videos into formats that could be emailed. Learn more about Bob Reina:

So he and Dr. Jonathan Chen went to work and managed to create just the program, and as Reina saw demand for this program take off, he realized Talk Fusion could make a name in the IT industry.

Bob Reina has made the Talk Fusion associates program easy to get into, and with the help of his new Talk Fusion University, anyone can learn how to sell the products for commission.

There’s also free trials that Reina decided to introduce so that customers could decide beforehand if Talk Fusion is right for them, and they don’t even need to submit credit card information. And if you have a non-profit you support, Talk Fusion also allows you to give one monthly access account to that non-profit.

Roberto Santiago Designed Brazil’s Largest Mall Called Manaira

Roberto Santiago is a successful Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur. He owns the Manaira, a popular shopping mall located in Joao Pessoa. Santiago owns and established Manaira which is the biggest mall in Brazil’s Paraiba State. In 1987 Mr. Santiago purchased the land that the Manaira Mall now sits on and evolved its construction until the mall opened in 1989. His acute real property skills allowed Roberto to also start another shopping mall called Mangerira which he developed in 2013. Both Manaira and Mangerira are successfully operated and has vastly improved the city and its population. Roberto Santiago has a commitment to give Brazil a more modern place to shop. In addition, Roberto also encourages Brazil’s young people to become young entrepreneurs.


The Manaira shopping mall is designed with unique amenities for Brazilian shoppers and features a beautiful water fountain, plants, and floral landscape. The Manaira includes The Domus Hall which is a concert hall located on the mall’s rooftop and which can accommodate over 8,000 people. The Domus Hall hosts many fun and entertaining events that local Brazilian artists have performed at, including many international artists. Brazilian residents can also use Domus Hall for special and public events like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, and trade fairs.


Manaira Mall contains several 3-D movie theaters, a large gaming area, a multi-lane bowling alley, a large food court that features fashionable chef-inspired dining and many fast food brands. Shopping at Manaira offers everything that Brazilian shoppers need like furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, sports attire and gear, book stores, clothing stores, and more. The multi-tier Manaira Mall also is designed with nightclubs, bars, and banking institutions. Amazingly, Roberto Santiago has established a school called the College Higher Education of Paraiba. Manaira Mall is in a great location for both its urban and city dwellers.


Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. He attended the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Mr. Santiago started a Cartonnage industry (paper, cardboard, and packaging) which led to his idea of creating an up-scale mall for his home town and his neighbors.


Sahm Adrangi’s diverse roles

It’s been about nine years since the formation of Kerrisdale Capital Management by Sahm Adrangi. A journey that began with a skeleton team of employees gave birth to one of the greatest leaders in the financial sector. In according to Adrangi’s plans, he had desired to bring on board the best minds of the time that would initiate a project that would be at the forefront in solving the various needs in the society. A closer look at the particulars of business that Sahm Adrangi created to boost his company reveals an array of issues ranging from having a team of professionals with backgrounds in the financial sector to streamlining of the workforce for the best possible results, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

For the duration of Sahm Adrangi’s occupancy at the Kerrisdale Capital Management, there was a series of impressive growth as well as development. The success the firm realized was part and parcel of his big dream to become a boss of his own. And in fact, he had dedicated his full-time commitment to an array of aspects in the company which he founded in 2009. As fate would have it, things were happening as was the expectation Of Sahm Adrangi, first was the entry into the financial industry with authority in spite of the economic crisis that hit the country a few years before he launched his company.

While we take a closer look at the success story of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, courtesy of the input by Sahm Arangi, we notice that the company assets had risen significantly in the recent years. More to the point, in early May of 2017, the Kerrisdale Capital Management was ranked among the fastest growing companies in the financial sector after its worth hit at least 150 million dollars, an amount that was significantly higher than 1 million dollars when Sahm Adrangi founded the company.

In spite of the taking part in diverse roles, Sahm Adrangi left a mark in areas he engaged. Most significantly was the vocal talent that has granted him the opportunity to attend various conferences where he delivers talks. Besides, he served together with famous personalities, and his Linkedin.

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Jason Hope addresses the many possibilities brought by IoT

Even though you may not understand what internet of thing (IoT) is, you probably have come across the term. Jason Hope is one of the tech entrepreneurs who is very passionate about exploring all the opportunities that IoT has brought to the world. Jason has written several articles addressing how the future will be when almost all devices are interconnected. The devices will be sharing information at all time improving the quality of life and efficiency of service delivery in different institutions and organizations such as hospitals.

In his recent articles published this year, research shows that by the end of 2017 4.9 billion devices or ‘things’ will be interconnected. Internet of things is a technology by which devices are connected in a smart way. The connected devices ‘talk’ to each other over the internet. Although you may not realize it, you are already using IoT at your home and workplace. Even when you go for a morning jog or to the gym, the fitness tracker wrapped around your wrist is one of the devices that collects useful data, and when shared with your calorie monitoring devices, you can determine the type of food to eat.

The internet of things is a very influential tool that is going to change how businesses are carried out. The most prominent companies in the tech world will invest heavily in IoT soon. According to Hope, people today use their smartphones to access the internet luxuriously. But in future, it will become a necessity. Time is coming when you will not use your TV without being connected to the internet. What we see today as luxury will become a necessity, and more information click here.

The adoption of IoT has become essential in reducing wastage of resources and improving living conditions. For those in the rural areas, IoT has made it possible for Emergency response teams to track their exact location using GPS tracker in case of an emergency. In the cities, IoT has made it easy to manage traffic and reduce congestion.

Although you may not own a smart device, you still use the technology of IoT when you visit your doctor who collects data from sensors is recorded in your digital health record and so many other ways. Jason advises people to be familiar with techniques through which hackers can take advantage of the connected smart devices. He believes that you should go smart but be cautious, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a futurist who has invested heavily in the tech and health sectors. He lives in Scottsdale AZ. He got his degree in Finance from Arizona State University and later obtained an MBA from the college’s W, P, Carey School of business, and

Aloha Construction Is Invested In Their Communities

When disaster strikes, homes and businesses may be damaged. This is often the case with huge tropical storms or high winds. Roofs could have shingles ripped off or worse. It is crucial to find qualified help as fast as feasibly possible. Aloha Construction is prepared for these disasters. Their team will quickly respond in order to minimize the damage. This is a family owned and family run construction business that has a solid reputation in Illinois and the more southern aspects of Wisconsin. David Farbaky is this prominent company’s worthy CEO and standing president. His business practices are honest and geared towards making their important clients feel at ease and satisfied with the work, and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

Not many construction companies offer any substantial work guarantees. Aloha Construction prides itself on performing up to and exceeding industry standards and expectations. Dave Farbaky sets the bar high for his talented employees. Each one is a huge asset to the overall team. They will respond to emergency calls promptly. When property owners need help with storm damage remediation or simple home repairs, it is highly recommended that they call Aloha Construction first. Their well regarded customer service delights their customers every time. Dave and his team really enjoy helping their neighbors get necessary construction work completed.

Aloha Construction does offer a fantastic workmanship guarantee that can go for up to 10 years. Their fine work is known in the area where they are based. Many happy customers refer their friends and others to the company. Word of mouth satisfaction and extensive experience and skill make this company a leader of its kind. They are happy to perform home remodels, and they will take on small and large repair jobs too, and

Dave Farbaky isn’t just known for his excellent and superior business skills. He is one of this area’s foremost supporters of local charitable causes and

Not long ago, several children in needy circumstances got to have a real life toy store shopping spree. The joy on these children’s faces was thanks enough for Dave. His company is invested in the communities in which they proudly serve, and read full article.

Paul Mampilly and His Investment Success Secrets

Profits Unlimited is currently one of the leading investment newsletters in the United States. The publication is owned by Paul Mampilly who has been in the investment world for a long time. Just recently, the investment newsletter announced to its customers that it had already reached sixty thousand subscribers. The growth of the publication is a clear indication that it has won the hearts of customers in the market. The subscribers are found in all parts of the country. Although the businessman has had a good share of challenges, he has done his best to make his investment one of the best in the world and his Website.

The publishing has been doing so well for various reasons. First of all, the businessman has proven to the investor that he is extremely experienced when it comes to investments, and they are always sure that they are going to get the best advice from him. The businessman also went to acquire his investment skills from the greatest learning institutions, and he is an expert in the stock market. Paul had an opportunity to work in several banks and large organizations in the past, and he turned out to be very successful.

In the year 2008, when the mortgage crisis was happening, Paul Mampilly enrolled to take part in the popular Templeton Foundation competition. Although there was a lot of uncertainty in the market, the businessman worked hard, and he proved to the world that he was among the best hedge fund managers that ever existed. The founders of the organization gave Paul fifty million to invest and make profits. At the end of the year, Paul Mampilly got more than eighty eight million, even when the market was very unstable. The success of the hedge fund manager when the market was experiencing too many challenges proved that Paul was the best in the market. After this recognition, Paul chose to abandon his career in the corporate world so that he could advice the middle class investors who were all over in the market and learn more about Paul.

According to Paul, the middle-class investor was struggling to make profits because they did not have enough knowledge to make a living in the competitive market. The sixty thousand subscribers of the newsletter get their advice every week, and they follow whatever they are told so that they can earn profits. The investors are looking forward to conquer the market, regardless of the challenges that present themselves and

Omar Yunes Establishes Sushi Itto As a LEader in the Food Industry

Successes in an industry that is faced with significant competition such as in the area of food provisioning is not an easy matter. The importance of food in the society cannot be downplayed, and people tend to go for quality stuff that is provided by the best chefs. Omar Yunes has been very successful in the process of availing quality food in different parts of the world. As a result, he has received one of best awards that can be provided to an individual within this field of expertise and more information click here.

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur, and he has invested in the right way. At the moment, the investment which he made in the past is paying off. In 2015, he received an award for the Best Franchise in the World (BFW). Omar Yunes was able to see the potential of the market from afar, and he invested early enough before many competitors joined the venture. However, that was not enough, and staying at the top of the competition was important.

Omar Yunes has invested in Sushi Itto, which is a food chain store that specializes in providing Asian delicacies. At the age of 20, Omar Yunes felt the great need to engage himself in the entrepreneurial world, and it is through effort and continually working hard that he was able to become successful. The journey has been long, and Omar continues to face the future with a positive mindset and learn more about Omar Yunes.

He believes that the current global economy requires the establishment of an enterprise that can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions. The change is typically caused by the dynamic client needs. He owns 10% of the entire food chain business, which translates into thirteen of all the established units. One of his primary responsibility within the enterprise is to ensure that everything is being appropriately undertaken.

Omar Yunes believes that teamwork is the most significant key to unlocking success in the business world. The enterprise has provided employment opportunities to over 400 individuals who help in delivering food in the different branches of the company. As a result, he continues to establish the enterprise as a leader in availing food to the larger society and contact him.

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Beneful is Loaded With Real Meat

Beneful dog food by Purina is one of the only dog foods on the market that contains real meat as its number one ingredient. Most dog foods available come loaded with cheap grain and fillers. Meat is what dogs crave and love, and that is why dogs love Beneful.

Walmart has the full line of Beneful selections at fantastic prices and has coupons available to save even more on your dog’s favorite real meat source. Beneful comes in many different flavors to satisfy any dogs taste. It also comes in both wet and dry options, so dogs will never get bored with the broad range of excellent flavor varieties and learn more about Beneful.

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Oncotarget and its role in maximizing sharing of scientific information

The world of scientific journal has recently witnessed a rise in the number of journal all trying to relay some specific knowledge to their target audiences. Some of this journal also at times convey the same information, but from various sources but at times many of the journals can be misleading if they do not get what they receive for publication. In regards to this, Oncotarget was established to bridge such a gap of misinformation and comprehensively to publish credible information from the multidisciplinary field of oncology that encompasses other subjects. This journal in a way would reduce the need for looking for many other journals to seek information which might be in other words inaccurate.

The subject matter that Oncotarget as a journal aims to address and pass information across extensively is the ongoing research about cancer. Cancer as a disease has become a deadly disease that is attributed to the death of millions of people each year across the world. Oncotarget, therefore, acts as a channel through which any new study developments in its cure or understanding is relayed to the millions of people who are either directly or indirectly affected by it and more information click here.

Subsequently, the journal also plays another role in bringing together all scientists in different fields all relating to cancer together and avails them a platform from which they get to exchange their findings. In doing so, the journal always ensures that all pieces of information submitted to them for publication are indeed vetted thoroughly so as not to publish unfound findings to its audience. This procedure involves conducting parallel experiments which in other words ascertain the information’s credibility and learn more about Oncotarget.

The fact-checking process is usually performed rapidly to be able to avail the information given to them to their audience as quickly as possible. The reason behind this is to ensure the public and other scientist get to utilize the information as soon as possible so that they can maximize its usage and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

In its quest of relaying information, Oncotarget, unlike other journals, has eliminated the boundaries that have always bordered various specialties from sharing information in biomedical sciences.

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