Adam Milstein Discusses The Link Between BDS And Anti-Semitism In The United States

Adam Milstein serves as the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council in the United States. It is a non-profit group that aims to strengthen the Israeli-American community and bring them closer to their historic homeland of Israel. The IAC also plays a pivotal role in combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish values.

Adam Milstein was a founding member of the Israeli-American Council and helped oversee its expansion from a local, then a regional and then a national group that has over a million members. In addition to his philanthropy, Adam Milstein is a successful real estate developer who works at Hager Pacific Properties in Encino, California. This real estate development firm leases out, redevelops and sells real estate properties throughout the USA.

One of the passions of Adam Milstein is to fight against antisemitism and BDS. Both antisemitism and BDS target Jewish people. Antisemitism directly targets Jews through violence, threats, discrimination and hateful rhetoric. BDS or the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement was created by a handful of anti-Semites whose ultimate goal is to drive Jews from their historic homeland of Israel, and his Facebook.

Adam Milstein is a contributor to publications such as the Huff Post and Jerusalem Post. He often discusses issues that relate to antisemitism, Jewish culture and BDS in his op-ed pieces there. One of his op-ed pieces in the Huff Post discussed the link between the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement taking root on college campuses and the inevitable uptick in anti-Semitic incidents that later follow BDS resolutions at college campuses.

Milstein points out this fact in his op-ed piece in the Huff Post. He says that when BDS resolutions are considered or passed in a college, then anti-Semitic incidents often increase or materialize on that college campus. The opposite is also true he says. When BDS resolutions are not considered or struck down, anti-Semitic incidents tend to decrease, and learn  more about Adam Milstein.

This underscores the need to fight back against the BDS movement. Not only does the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement aim to isolate and delegitimize a Jewish state, but it also foments violence and hatred against Jewish students on campus. This is why Adam Milstein supports initiatives such as Stand with US and the Israel on Campus Coalition. These groups promote a positive view of Israel on college campuses and counter the false narrative of the BDS movement, and